RBTX method

RBTX is a pioneer in the world of Low Cost Robotics. By providing a marketplace of cost-effective components from leading brand manufacturers, we remove barriers and ensure everyone has access to and can integrate high-quality automation.

The "RBTX methodology" embodies our systematic approach to helping customers identify and procure products that are precisely tailored to their automation requirements.

RBTX Low Cost Robotics

RBTX is the marketplace for Low Cost Robotics for companies. With solutions starting at €2000, we offer companies the opportunity to automate their processes cost-effectively. The platform contains components from leading industrial manufacturers that enable automation for everyone.

The marketplace

Enter the world's leading marketplace for Low Cost Robotics! Discover a wide selection of robots, end effectors, vision systems and more to create your perfect robotic solution. We offer a 100% compatibility guarantee.

Browse solutions

Browse our curated collection of 400 videos, each presenting unique economical automation solutions. Filter by application or industry to get inspiration for your solution.


Our team of experts offers you FREE consultation via our RBTXpert video call service. You will receive information about all the components we offer.

If you need additional advice on your application, we will find a solution for it in just 30 minutes.

Machine Planner

The machine planner is an online configurator by which you create and plan your machine. You can also collaborate seamlessly with our RBTXperts on the same platform.

Test before you invest

If you have the parts, send them to us and we will perform a feasibility test of your application. You can also book a free RBTXpert video call to have the process of your application checked. You will receive a test report and a video of your application.

What you receive

You will receive a complete all-in-one solution, which focuses on ease of use and affordability. Our robot systems enable the rapid construction of robot cells and are designed in such a way that integration and maintenance of robotics regardless of the level of knowledge is easy.

Benefits for RBTX customers

As a member of our community, you have access to our comprehensive international service in 29 countries. If you encounter any difficulties with your application, you can rely on our free video service to assist you and keep things running smoothly.